Philly’s Catya Washington a.k.a Miss Cat

July 18, 2009 by Jugg  
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Catya Washington A.K.A Miss Cat

XXL Magazine

Where are you from? ….Philadelphia,PA,,,

Where do you reside? …….In Both Atlanta,GA and Philly

When did you decide that this is what you enjoy doing?…….A few years ago I entered a Black Men Swim suit competition, and it was on and popp’n from there.


How was it working on the XXL Magazine shoot? ……It was amazing I’m a real girlie girl so I love the hair and make-up and wardrobe,,,besides we shot in Brooklyn on a gorgeous day.

Which do you enjoy more…Acting, hosting events, commercials, movies or videos?… I love being in front of the camera, If I could have it my way I’d be doing all the above all day everyday. Acting really gives me a chance to show off my talent.

What is a crazy experience that you had at a photo session? ….I’ve seen a couple girls rip each others tracks out on set…lol..but they made up afterwards

Pleasure P video set

What is your favorite tv show? ………Hands down Entourage….I love me some Ari Gold

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?….I’m a bit of a prankster I love to play practical jokes on the fam, it keeps me grounded.

Do you have any pets? Whats thr names? ….I have two dogs Roxy and Chi Chi,,,,Roxy’s a Maltese and ChiChi is a pomeranian, they’re my kids.

Do you have a boyfriend? What makes him so special? …….Nope I’m single and ready to mingle

Have you ever thought of going blonde or is black a new color for you? Nope I love black hair I’m not adventurous when it come to my hair although I did cut it all off before.

Is there an artist/actor that you would love to work with? ……..I would love to work alongside Denzel or Meryl Streep, you know some of the Oscar award winning actors. That would be amazing.

Smooth Magazine

Is there any project that you would love to be apart of?
(americas nextop model, music video, Quinton Terontino movie, etc.)……All of the above ,,,However I think Ron Howard is a great director I would love to work with him.

Website Links…,,,,also follow me on

Any shout outs?… Shout outs to Philly,,,,I luv my City…oh yeah HI MOM…

For Booking: Bookmisscat [at] yahoo [dot] com

For Press/Events: Jami [at] CarinaeCasting [dot] com



Interview by: Jami Zeigler

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4 Responses to “Philly’s Catya Washington a.k.a Miss Cat”
  1. Nadirah says:

    Wassup gurl I seen u since high school,congrats u doin it big,love u……p.s. keep it up I’m proud of u me and my sis inlaw gonna watch u every week…

  2. Erotique says:

    @ Nadirah- Stop it! How come every time someone catches a little break and are trying to enjoy the last three minutes of their five minutes of fame? Someone like you who may have sat 5 rows behind her in gym class always pops up and talks shit about being proud of u…Smooch this sister’s huge boobied ass!!

    Oh, and if you are cute? Seriously, kiss Ms. Cats ass ( tongue and all) and make sure you send me pictures!

    Love…Hugs…and Deep Wet Kisses…


  3. Alyssa Russello says:

    Hi cat its Alyssa!!! I know that u dont know me but I heard of you and your new song”Best Friend”!!!! And I love it SO MUCH!!! You are so talented… best luck!! Hope to meet you one day!!!!

  4. dshanna says:

    Team Philly!!!!

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